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Benefits of outsourced post production

Scaleable, Cost-efficient outsourcing, 24/7 support, perfect results for thousands of images / Video edits per day, and get your project done by highly trained professionals even when sleeping.

Clipping Path

Clipping path is a kind of process which allows a designer to separate parts of the photo and work on specific parts of the photo. There are other options like quick selection and magic wand, and lasso tool but to get an edge to edge perfection clipping path is the best option.

Background Remove

Background removal is an option where one can remove the background. This option allows the low budget automotive photographers to skip the cost of hiring a professional car photography studio. It also allows the professional car photographer to fix any imperfections on the background.

Color Correction

Color correction / Color matching is a very crucial option when it comes to photographing shiny cars or matching the light for car photography. It also comes handy when you have to shoot multiple colors at once but don’t have options to fix the light for each color.

Image Optimization

Photo optimization meaning faster loading of websites. When trying to sell a car or house on a website, product photography is the main thing a customer wishes to see. Image optimization allows you to load the photos faster without compromising the quality of photography.

Double layer QA

We make sure all the files we work on goes through double quality assurance. We always try to make sure the best quality end result for our clients. Encase if you are not satisfied with the end result, we do a one time free revision. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Competitive pricing

In the era of a competitive market, if the service price is not competitive there is no win-win situation. We always try to make sure to save you some cost and time. We try to provide a scalable graphics design service to you with also a very competitive price. Besides, we also believe in long term relationships.

Pricing FAQs

The price depends on the kind of service you are looking for but usually image editing starts at $0.30 for basic editing, 3d starts from $25 & video starts from $80. Additional charges may increase the price depending on your requirements. So if you need assistance please feel free to contact us.

Yes, we have. For a free trial, please sign up through the free trial page. You will get back the files in 24hours in your dashboard.

Currently cybery accepts multiple files format related to the services like .raw images, 3D object model & videos.

We usually get back with the done files within 24 hours. But depending on your requirement we can minimize the turnaround time.

We prefer to invoice at the end of every month to make sure the accounts don't get messy. We accept payment from most major Banks.

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